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Checkout what the Tilers Forums Network is doing for the Tile Industry around the world, usually just using website's, but venturing offline too from time-to-time. TilersForums.co.uk was actually the third forum that untold.media (Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation) worked on. The first was a personal hobby website, the second didn't have enough time invested in it for it to work, and the third, tilersforums.co.uk, actually set of with a bit of a slow start, though it soon picked up and we're boasting the best new member registration rates out of all the tile forums, and we remove accounts not logged-into for 12 months. Checkout our stats live on the forum by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the homepage.

Our goal: to serve the tile fixers and contractors with free website's. We don't sell the trader a sausage, and we get exclusive deals and sponsorship schemes, setup for the members and website visitors, with the firms from within the industry, which keeps the our network free-to-use. We've found too many website's, schemes, associations and similar have their own goal-o-meter set for their own gains, our goal-o-meter reads 100% contractor-focused, 100% of the time.

TilersForums.co.uk is now one of the most visited and used tile-only website's on the planet and definitely one of, if not the most used tile website in the UK. And that's according to many questionable stats such as Alexa, BoardReader and the likes, but more importantly according to our own stats built up of all the forums and popular tile website's over the past few years!

The World's first popular tile forum which is well worth a mention, which still love and have been members for some time is the World Famous John Bridge Ceramic Tile / Advice Board (serving mainly US/CA but I bet they'd be able to answer anything tile no matter what country or problems apply), questionably the most visited website on the planet from sometime right back from the 1600's to, well, still now really, but we do have the odd month one or two area's of our tilersforums.co.uk stats do peak JB's, but it'll be some time still before we see all our stats peak above Johns.

... onto the list of tile forums, communities and networks, and the directories of suppliers, manufacturers and training providers, and all the other tile stuff.

For the UK Tile Industry, Tile Contractors, Tile Suppliers & Manufacturers

For the American Tile Industry & Tile Contractors

For the Canadian Tile Industry & Tile Contractors

For the Australian Tile Industry & Tile Contractors

The 'World Construction Trades' website's and forum will all be launched during 2009.

Some Other Website's

Through the success of TilersForums.co.uk and all of its related tile website's we decided to create a few for other trades. We actually made a few, and these ended up being the ones people were most interested in, so we kept them and put the others on the back-burner for now.




Some New Websites!

The following websites will be launched one at a time over the next 12 months. Not in the following order, but something like it.